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Ability coaching and processing services in person,

by phone and via Skype.



"Our aim is to produce practical results for our clients in the realms of life and spirituality.
The emphasis is on developing ability, insight and awareness that directly can be translated
into better, more productive and harmonic lives for our clients."

  • Relief from stress and trauma

  • Improved communications skills

  • Better at problems solving

  • Relief from past conflicts and upsets

  • Ability to do new things

  • Improved health and vitality

  • Personal development of ability and character



Rolf Dane, ability coach
cand. phil., CAEF

Senior developer and case manager of DEEP Clearing

Services in English and Danish


Heidrun Beer, ability coach

DEEP specialist, co-developer and chief trainer of DEEP Clearing

Services in English and German


General Video about the Ability One Group. 7:14 mins:



If you have trouble streaming the video above, you can download and watch it offline.

Right-click and then select "save as": 53 MB (MOV), 27 MB (MP4), 14 MB (FLV)



Services Overview

Ability One Group specializes in delivering personal counseling world wide. Although we are a small group, thanks to modern technology, we can reach you by video phone (Skype) regardless of where you live. We also deliver our services in person here in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Our many different services are described in detail elsewhere. You may start reviewing them by looking at the navigation buttons on this page - or get a more thorough picture by reading Rolf's book DEEP Clearing  - see below. You can even read some sample chapters here.

You need not decide beforehand what is the exact right service for you. Usually we do a thorough interview when you first arrive. Based on your personal data and issues we make up a program that ensures optimum results and gains.


available as paperback and e-book (PDF or epub) on Lulu.com


Foreword by Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby, PhD

Table of Contents

Chapter 13 - Some Questions and Answers

Chapter 20 - Happiness and DEEP


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