"DEEP Clearing - Releasing the Power of Your Mind" by Rolf Dane - Sample Chapter (Chapter 20)


Happiness and DEEP

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“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.”
Mahatma Gandhi

Happiness seems to be the thing we all want in life. As Aristotle put it over 2300 years ago: “Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence.”

I won't go into a long, philosophical discussion of what happiness is. For one reason, it seems that there are many ways to happiness. I stop short of saying that there are as many ways as there are human beings—because it is obvious that many people live unhappy lives and apparently don't know of any way out of it.

I do think that the Mahatma Gandhi quote above gives an important aspect of what happiness is. Without harmony and balance in our lives any happiness is short-lived.

Harmony of Thought, Emotion and Action

In DEEP we would say: there has to be a harmony between what we think, what we feel in our heart and what we do. When our head and heart guide our actions, we are on a course that leads towards wholeness of heart and mind. We can reach out to other people in a sincere way, create lasting friendships and alliances; build lasting love relations and familieseven build commercial companies and other successes in society that will last.

Happiness versus Misery

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines Happiness as: state of well-being, pleasure and enjoyment because of one's life, situation, etc.

So obviously Happiness is tied to joy and other high levels of emotion and affinity andwe may addthe absence of the opposites: suffering, pain and misery.

In DEEP we work directly on eradicating suffering, pain and misery. We work directly on helping the client to obtain wholeness and integrity in his or her mind and heart.

Paving the Way

Let's take a closer look. If we begin at the negative end of the spectrum where we have suffering, pain and misery. In terms of state of mind, suffering and misery resides in the negative end of the affinity scale. That's where we find fear, grief, apathy and more complex states of mind, such as depression and neurosis. By addressing these states of mind with DEEP techniques we can help the person the first few steps towards a happier life. Pains, if not stemming from physical or medical causes, have routinely been alleviated using DEEP techniques as well. We have seen that many times.

Much misery and suffering in life stem from conflicts. In DEEP we have a unique set of techniques that can transform conflicts and hostilities to a higher level of understanding, to closure and forgivenesseven to a point of renewed cooperation and friendship with former enemies.

When it comes to finding a balance between one's head and hart, between rational thought and emotion and intuition, we are talking about the very core of what DEEP is about. We discharge any imbalance between thought, emotion and feeling. Sometimes we find irrational thought dominating the scene. It may be prejudice or self-limiting thoughts. Sometimes we find strong negative emotions around an issue that make it impossible to even look at it. We can just react.

In DEEP we restore a state of mind where thought, emotion and feeling can work in unison to achieve power of action and resolve in a given field. Remember, happiness is basically enjoyment, an emotion. But it has to be worked for and defended. To make it last, the person needs to use common sense and rationality to avoid pitfalls. The person needs foresight and perspective to navigate safely in life. As Thomas Merton puts it:"Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm and harmony." The quote underscores that the liaison between rational thought and emotion is important.

DEEP and Happiness

We cannot guarantee clients “to live happily ever after” DEEP. Life is a journey and to arrive safely, you have to make countless choices on the road. We can help you remove some scary and unpleasant sceneries of yesteryear; we can remove some stones from your shoes. But life is full of choices and crossroads. When such choices need to be made you need your emotions, intuitions, rational thoughts and your ability to act to work together so you can make your own choices and carry them out. And that is the direction we take you in when you embark on DEEP.




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